A programmatic decision is intended for automation of working as of services a taxi :
You will have more customers, because it is very convenient to reach you. Because they will be able to order YOUR taxi by the one click on the phone button
Because they are always sure, that while ordering YOUR taxi, they will never be late anywhere. And it is so. Because you and only you own automated DISPATCHING system.
Automated taxi dispatching «ONECLICKTAXI»
Make your competitive advantages stronger. Come in 2016 as the owner of a unique technology Automated dispatching system «ONECLICKTAXI»
Attention!!! The system will be sold only to one company in Cyprus
DISPATCHING is able to connect to any number of taxi drivers. The orders are received and sent by the automated complex DISPATCHING

DISPATCHING automatically routes and considers the cost of travel

DISPATCHING informs the client all information about his order: the cost, the number of taxi and estimated time of arrival of the car at the place of the order

DISPATCHING immediately transfers your company earnings from the made trips

DISPATCHING attracts new and new customers to your business, thanks to existing services and the possibility of implementation of any decision keeping pace with the wishes of customers

DISPATCHING has the possibility of cooperation with other services, including emergency
Your strategic asset and a competitive advantage!
Key tool for SUCCESSFUL work in a crisis!
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For questions about purchasing Automated taxi dispatching «ONECLICKTAXI»
Sincerely, Director of Paradigmastar Company, Alexander Korneev
There are hundreds, thousands dispatching services in Europe countries - the greatest competition. Your company is first and the only in Cyprus.

Automated taxi dispatching «ONECLICKTAXI»
Your company can become the first and the only owner of the latest technology in Cyprus.
Paradigmastar Company represents
Automated dispatching service
Price: 38 000 euro