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Automated dispatching service
When Internet is unstable or disconnected, the program for dispatcher Automated dispatching taxi «ONECLICKTAXI» continues to function. Only sending orders to drivers stops working. During interruptions to the Internet, orders can be transmitted by telephone to the drivers.

Taximeter Automated dispatching taxi «ONECLICKTAXI»-  mobile application for drivers, runs on Android or Java supporting. Driver’s application is intuitive understandable. Installation of the driver software for taxi is no more difficult than installing any other application. Blocking the driver is made from the control room, access to the driver or to his phone is not required.

Telephony for taxi services - one of the most important of functionals, allowing not only to make calls but also to distribute them among the dispatchers, to carry out automatic callbacks to customers, record conversations and more.

Automated dispatching taxi «ONECLICKTAXI» program integrated with:

IP Telephony. The integration of IP telephony allows you to organize your full-service call-center, optimize the cost of telephone service, increase the speed of order processing, reduce the number of operators and to improve the quality of services provided.

One of the main advantages of the program for dispatching - is the ability to customize to the needs of taxi service.

Automated dispatching taxi «ONECLICKTAXI» program will allow You:
Automated taxi dispatching «ONECLICKTAXI» - a solution "turnkey" for your taxi service.

How it works?
Thus, the program for dispatching taxi Automated taxi dispatching «ONECLICKTAXI» helps to fulfill orders quickly, without additional costs and frequent calls. Director sees how the order is in real time, is able to control the work of dispatchers and drivers, and the program allows to receive more orders. Moreover, a separate mobile app Director Automated taxi dispatching «ONECLICKTAXI» service allows managers to obtain a summary of the work of business using a mobile phone.

With the software Automated taxi dispatching «ONECLICKTAXI» and driver applications taximeter Automated taxi dispatching «ONECLICKTAXI» is an automatic acceptance of the order and its distribution among auto drivers. At the same time, if your taxi service operates using two-way radios, there is no need to move to mobile phones, software, automated dispatching taxi «ONECLICKTAXI» - flexibly configurable under this requirement.

Modern, easily understood and easy to use interface allows operators to see the location of the drivers in real-time. The order is processed quickly and easily, the load on the operator is reduced. It also reduces the impact of the "human factor." With the application for director The Director Automated taxi dispatching «ONECLICKTAXI» can monitor their service from any location and from any computer, phone - at home, in the office, on a trip.

Thanks to the complex decision of Automated taxi dispatching «ONECLICKTAXI» You can reduce the number of operators, reduce administrative costs, improve customer loyalty, and most importantly - increase the number of orders processed and customer service.
Dispatching can rightly be called the heart of every taxi service.

From the way how work of dispatchers is organized depends on the success of work of all business.

Properly organized dispatching will minimize the errors that are associated with the human factor, increase the number of orders taken without the extension, and reduce the number of operators, as well as to form the image of a reliable and customer-oriented taxi service.
Functionality for the dispatcher withthe program
"Automated dispatching taxi «ONECLICKTAXI»:
Taking into account the wishes of many customers, our experts have developed an additional module for control of taxi services "Remote dispatcher". With that, dispatcher can work outside the office, and allows you to organize taxi service without office as such.
Taximeter Automated dispatching taxi «ONECLICKTAXI» works in such way:
Constant contact with our customers confirms the fact that at the present time, more and more people refuses to talk with dispatchers of taxi services, thus wasting their money and time.

Considering the quick and easy online ordering through the site, by the specialists of "
Mobile Transportation Technology" developed this order form, which has been successfully added to the existing sites of taxi services.
Mobile application Passenger Automated taxi dispatching «ONECLICKTAXI» service allows the customer to order taxi without a call to the operator, regardless of where he is (business meeting, a night club, a cinema, supermarket). This application is designed for smartphones based on OC Android and iOS.
The app - Passenger Automated dispatching taxi «ONECLICKTAXI» - the most efficient service for taxi booking online, your customers understand this and have successfully integrated in their services, which gives them another class of passengers - mobile, business, who use modern smartphones and that go up with time. 

Passenger mobile application features automated dispatching taxi «ONECLICKTAXI»:
Auto redial "The machine arrived" allows drivers by pressing one button on their driver's application to inform passengers about the arrival of the car to the point of order.

Module «SMS notification" can reduce the workload of the operators, as well as eliminates the need for customers to remember the brand of the car and time of submission - all this information is available in the sms message. The driver through driver’s application with a single click notifies the client.
Sincerely, Director of Paradigmastar Company, Alexander Korneev.
Attention!!! The system will be sold only to one company in Cyprus
A mobile application designed for drivers, performs an important function - creates an effective and quick communication between operators and drivers, thus automates the work of dispatching. Working with the mobile application, the driver in real time can respond to the information provided from the control services, namely, to confirm or reject the order.

Taximeter Automated dispatching taxi «ONECLICKTAXI» - application for mobile phones Android OS is fully integrated with the computer Taximeter Automated dispatching taxi «ONECLICKTAXI» The software package provides instant communications between dispatcher service and the driver:
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